Exclusive: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

Jana Winter
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    Bryan Adams
    Pizzagate, Spygate, Deep State, crisis actors, false flags, Asbestos poisoning is a mob-led conspiracy, millions of illegals voting, 'Fake News,” FEMA camps, the Uranium One deal, Obama Birtherism, death panels, Muslim zones, Seth Rich, Vince Foster, The Bowling Green Massacre, alternative facts, Trump Tower wiretaps, FISA memo, Agenda 21, Islamic training camps in America and Sharia Law in US courts, Climate Change is a global conspiracy or a Chinese hoax, the New World Order, Ted Cruz's father helped assassinate JFK, , George Soros funded the caravan and every anti-Trump March ever, Hillary campaign tampered with Trump's microphone, Trump's inauguration was the largest ever.
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    Watergate: Republican officials spied on the Democratic National Headquarters from the Watergate Hotel in 1972. While conspiracy theories suggested underhanded dealings were taking place, it wasn’t until 1974 that White House tape recordings linked President Nixon to the break-in and forced him to resign.
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    "the FBI can never monitor a website or a social media platform without probable cause.” That may be, but they let the NSA monitor people for them. Just ask Eric Snowden.
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    Our citizens need training in critical thinking. Too many hear a report or rumor that supports something they hold dear, and assume it must be true because of that.

    And too many leaders take advantage of that gullibility.
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    This was not the group(s) that I was expecting, but I have to agree with the FBI when a pizza restaurant is shot up by a True Believer and hundreds of thousands of people sign up to storm Area 51. The second might be a joke, but the first could have easily killed people. We also need to hold Conspiracy Theorists who outright lie (Alex Jones) accountable and personally lioable when they fabricate stories and incite violence. We may have Free Speech, but we have laws going from from libel to inciting a riot that are on the books and have been for decades (and with good reason).
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    history 101
    I'm 63 years old. Aside from the fact that when I was growing up in America, there were no such words as "gay," "transgender," or "pansexual,:" Americans were not taught to believe nonsensical conspiracy theories. Most of us got the news from Walter Cronkite on tv and Paul Harvey on the radio. There were zero "opinion" news outlets. News was news!
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    Not trying to condone OR disregard conspiracy theories, but technically, since they are opinions and thoughts, aren't they protected by the First Amendment?
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    This sets a very dangerous precedent. Several “conspiracy theories” from the past have turned out to be true. People need to be vigilant and research claims made before deciding upon their truth based on evidence provided,but to grant a federal agency the authority to enforce what THEY want you to believe is true, and the authority to prosecute anyone who contradicts their narrative is beyond dangerous to a free society.
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    Pointing out FBI's conspiracy theories is now an act of subversion ?
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    Our intel agencies are their own worst enemy. Take the JFK assassination as an example. Much of the information surrounding this was classified from day one. This lead to many people wondering why they would hide information regarding the assassination of the President. This lead to many other theories. When what we are told just doesn't seem to add up, people will start to question what they are told. When you hide information (classify) , people wonder why and start coming up with reasons for this. It's not a conspiracy , it's asking valid questions.