FBI investigating incident on American Airlines flight from DFW Airport to Albuquerque

David Kent/dkent@star-telegram.com

Passengers on American Airlines Flight 928 from Dallas-Fort Worth were greeted by law enforcement when they landed at the Albuquerque International Sunport on Sunday morning.

The FBI was responding to “a reported incident involving a commercial airliner,” a spokesperson for FBI’s Albuquerque office wrote in a text.

The spokesperson would not offer any details about the nature of the reported incident other than to say the matter is being investigated and more details will be provided when available.

Airport officials were forced to shut down one of its three runways for three hours while the investigation took place, an airport spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for American Airlines wrote in an email to the Star-Telegram that passengers were deplaned using airstairs before being bused to the terminal and that “the threat was later deemed non-credible.”

An airport spokesperson said the passengers were then re-security screened before being allowed back on the airplane to collect their belongings. They stressed that all the passengers were safe and were allowed to leave the airport after collecting their belongings.

The incident didn’t affect any other American Airlines flights, except for the return trip from Albuquerque to DFW, which was delayed from 10:41 a.m. to around 5 p.m. local time.