FBI Joins Hunt For Serial Rapist Who's Targeting Women In Philadelphia Area

Alecia Reid reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Now developing this evening, Police are trying to find a man accused of multiple rapes and stalking women both in Philadelphia and Montgomery County. And we have just learned that the FBI is assisting in the investigation. Alecia Reid joins us from Upper Merion Township with the very latest on the case. Alecia.

ALECIA REID: Good evening, Ukee. This is a very dangerous individual that police want to get their hands on. Now, while most of his victims work at gentlemen's clubs in Philadelphia, authorities are trying to connect this latest victim to the suspect's MO. A serial stalker and rapist is still roaming the streets. Seven incidents between May 15 and the 18th, mostly targeting women that work at gentlemen's clubs. But the latest victim seems random.

THOMAS NOLAN: She denies having any involvement with the clubs in Philadelphia where the other victims had worked.

ALECIA REID: The suspect, described by all his victims as chunky with long dreadlocks, carried out the majority of his crimes on May 18. Starting at midnight, officials say he followed his first victim on that day, and then approached her in her apartment complex. She screamed for help and he fled. By 10:20 AM, he found his next two victims.

MARK BURGMANN: He went inside the apartment, allegedly checking electricity. That's when he produced a silver colored handgun, and he robbed and raped both females before fleeing.

ALECIA REID: Just before 4:00 PM, the suspect made his way to the Crown Plaza Hotel in Upper Merion. The latest victim was working out in the fitness center when the suspect walked up to the door. She let him in, but soon realized he was making her uncomfortable by asking personal questions. She gathered her belongings to leave, but the suspect blocked her path. She forced her way past him and tried to run for the door.

THOMAS NOLAN: As she she's going for the door, she's struck in the head twice, in the back of the head, with what she believes was the handgun.

ALECIA REID: The woman made it to the lobby for help. The suspect trailed behind but exited the front door, leaving the scene in a dark gray Dodge Charger with no license plates.

THOMAS NOLAN: We don't know if he's stopping and taking it off and putting it back on so that he's not stopped by other officers throughout the day.

ALECIA REID: That same vehicle is the same Dodge Charger described in other assaults. Now, Upper Merion PD is working with Philadelphia Special Victims Unit on this case. As for the victim here in this case, police say she was from out of town. She was treated and released at a local hospital and flew home the next day. Now, if you do know where this suspect is located, you're urged to call authorities. Reporting live from Montgomery County, Alecia Reid, CBS 3 Eyewitness News. Jess.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Alecia, thank you.