A new FBI report shows hate crimes have risen to their highest level in 12 years

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The FBI reported Monday that hate crimes rose to their highest level in 12 years, with attacks on Black and Asian people driving much of the increase.

Why it matters: This is the sixth time in seven years the number of hate crimes has risen, the Washington Post notes.

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Details: The number of anti-Black hate crimes went up from 1,930 to 2,755, an increase of about 42%, while the number of anti-Asian hate crimes went up from 158 to 274, an increase of about 73%, per the FBI report.

  • The total number of hate crimes increased from 7,287 to 7,759, about a 6% increase.

  • Attacks against white people increased 16%, while reported attacks on Jewish people decreased.

Driving the news: In May, President Biden signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law, which is meant to help law enforcement better identify anti-Asian hate. There's been a rise in anti-Asian attacks since the start of the pandemic.

Of note: Groups, like Stop AAPI Hate, have noted that anti-Asian hate crimes are notoriously difficult to count and the FBI is likely undercounting the true number.

  • Stop AAPI Hate reported 6,603 hate incidents from March 2020 to March 2021, an increase from 3,795 the same time the previous year.

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