FBI report shows a rise in hate crimes in schools

(WHTM) – A recent FBI report shows from 2018 to 2022, the number of hate crimes in schools nearly doubled.

“Hate is growing in this country and there are certain communities that bear the brunt,” said Harrisburg Jewish Federation CEO David Cohen.

The top three groups targeted in schools are in this order people of color, Jewish students, and LGBTQ students.

Studies show kids learn and imitate behaviors by watching and listening to others, also known as Observational Learning.

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“One of the things people are starting to realize is that this is both about the way students, kids behave with other students, but it also is it’s about the adults,” said Cohen.

Cohen gives an example.

“Like the chemistry teacher coming in and giving their personal political opinion. While it seems like that’s self-evident, that’s what’s really been causing some stress in our system over the past five or six years. It’s a combination of what kids are saying on social media and saying to each other, and it’s also teachers and administrators taking responsibility for what’s being said,” said Cohen.

But Cohen says recently, “Schools, universities especially are really talking a seriously. And if you’re coming into a classroom with baggage or with your personal opinion that is creating a hostile environment for those students, you can be sanctioned.”

Cohen also believes conspiracy theories play a role in many hate crimes, people blaming other groups for what they believe is wrong in the country.

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