FBI - Runners

The team is forced to chase down separate suspects.

Video Transcript


- I saw Ping near here, but it doesn't mean he's on the ground floor. He could be in one of these apartments on top of the shops.

- He's not. I think I got eyes on him. [INAUDIBLE]

- The way he keeps looking around makes me think there's something illegal in that bag.

- Pezzola, Tiff, we've got eyes on Lorenzo. He's in front of the laundromat. He's talking to a male Hispanic in about his 20s. Looks like a dope deal's going down.

- Copy. We're here now.


- Let's box them in tight before the badges just come out.

- Yeah, we'll wait for your signal.


- OK, they're splitting up.

- You take the other guy. We've got Lorenzo.

- Lorenzo Santos--

- How are you doing. FBI, we need to ask you some questions.

- FBI, we need to talk.


- Hey, kid. You know if don't come out we're going to have to call the cops. Trust me, you do not want that.

- No, you don't. All right, you go left, I'll go right.

- FBI, freeze.

- Hands behind your back now.

- Make sure you check his waistband. He was holding it when he started running.

- Up.

- Chill out, man. I ain't got a gun. [INAUDIBLE]

- OK. All right. Relax, we'll get you some medical attention.

- You shouldn't have started running, it never ends well.


- What the hell happened here?

- Where did you get this money?

- It's mine. I earned it.

- All right, so now we're going to need you to tell the truth. We watched you do the deal. So what, did you say Lorenzo some heroin or coke?

- I sold my kidney.