FBI vetting National Guard for possible threats

Defense officials overseeing the monumental task of safeguarding the US Capitol during President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration week are using the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard members for the potential threat of an insider attack. (Jan. 18)

Video Transcript

- What's your concerns about a possible insider threat?

RYAN MCCARTHY: It's the unknown. January 6th, there were representatives from all of the services who were at the rally when it started on the Ellipse, and then migrated towards the Capitol. So the question is is that all of them? Are there others?

So it's clearly something we need to be conscious of inside the entire formation, let alone men and women that may be assigned to this operation here in the capital. We've also been vetting them through the FBI. So we're continually going through the process, and taking second, third looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation.

WILLIAM WALKER: There are Guardsmen from all 50 states. All territories are here supporting the District of Columbia National Guard.

MICHAEL BROOKS: But the DC National Guard is the only unit in the country in the world that calls themselves Capital Guardians. And for a brief moment of history, all 25,000 Guardsmen that will be in the capital will be able to call themselves Capital Guardians. And I hope they cherish that as much as we do.

We're a community-based organization. We're here to protect the citizens of the United States just as much as we are the seat of our government. So no one should fear us unless they have ill will in their heart.

RICHARD IDLER: So every Guardsman takes an oath, and it's to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. And as we've seen, sometimes, the enemies are a little closer to home. And I think this unprecedented event that happened on the 6th is going to be something that the Guard is going to take seriously from here on out.

One of the things that I think we're learning-- and lessons learned-- is that we'll need to take those credible threats seriously. And as citizen soldiers, you know, we all come from different backgrounds, different walks of life, and we have different ideas. But when we don this uniform, we have one mission at hand, and that is to do what is necessary to protect America.