‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Why Madison Is Drawn To Troy

Madison (Kim Dickens) almost scooped Troy’s (Daniel Sharman) eye out in the Season 3 premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead,” but despite the horrendous incident, the Clark matriarch has kept herself close to Jeremiah’s (Dayton Callie) younger son. In a recent interview, Dickens explained why her character is drawn to Troy.

“He’s charming and he’s a wounded child behind the psychopath,” Dickens told Access Hollywood of Sharman’s character. “I think she’s drawn to him in a way that she realized that maybe she can utilize him.”

Frank Dillane — who was with Dickens and Colman Domingo during the interview — asked her if Madison has any feelings towards Troy, and the actress said: “There’s so much intimacy in it [because] this young man … has not had a mother, and Madison is manipulating that. At the same time, she can’t help but not care about him as well because I think there is that innocent child underneath the psychopath.”

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Domingo added: “I think it’s kind of mixed up in those feelings of like ‘Is it mother? Is it lover?’ It’s so confusing because the way he looks at [Madison] in that first scene I was like ‘What’s happening here?’”

Clearly, Madison’s fascination of Troy isn’t one-way. As viewers saw in previous episodes, Troy also has a thing for Madison.

“Madison attracts Troy because there is so much love, leadership and purpose in her,” Sharman said in an interview with BT TV. “He sees the way she interacts with her daughter [Alicia] and that attracts him. He sees her courage and hutzpah and those qualities are something he deeply admires. He also likes her ability to adapt and play the game.”

Sharman added that Troy is also “looking for a motherly figure,” so he sees Madison as someone who can potentially fill that hole in his life.

In Season 3, episode 3, Madison learned from Jeremiah that Troy and his older brother Jake (Sam Underwood) have different mothers. Madison found out that just like her dad, Troy’s mom also died of alcohol addiction. Interestingly, Erickson told Entertainment Weekly that there’s more to tell about Otto’s family history. “We start to get a better sense of that as the story plays out,” Erickson said. “We get a better sense of what [Troy’s] upbringing was and the fact that he was made as much as he was born as this person.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.

Kim Dickens as Madison
Kim Dickens as Madison

“Fear the Walking Dead” star Kim Dickens said that Madison sees a wounded, innocent child underneath Troy’s (Daniel Sharman) psychopathic persona. Photo: Michael Desmond/AMC

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