What February's full moon in Leo means for you and your sign

Astrologers consider the Leo full moon one of the most intense — and full moons are always intense, being that this lunar phase is considered a time of release by astrologers.

Think of it this way. Each sign gives the full moon a specific flavor. Leo, a fire sign, is known for being generous and dramatic, at home in center stage. This full moon will give us "main character energy."

And since the zodiac sign Leo rules the heart chakra, this lunation is letting us see our innermost romantic desires, dreams and feelings — as well as our fears. The key to getting through this full moon is to accept that our lives are constantly evolving and changing, and that the feeling is as transient as the lunar phases.

Here’s how to see February 2023’s full moon

February 2023's full moon, given the nickname the Snow Moon, will reach peak fullness on Sunday, Feb. 5 at 1:29 p.m. ET. It will appear full for about three days, through Tuesday, Feb. 7.

The full moon in Leo has a specific astrological meaning

The effects of the full moon will be impacted by other cosmic happenings.

Feb. 5's lunation aspects the action planet Mars and Uranus, known as the “Great Awakener.” The connection between these planets can lead to a emotional atmosphere. Use those highs and lows as an engine for change.

Also, take into account the tense energy Venus and Mars share on Feb. 4. Passions are ignited on Feb. 4 and then heightened on the Feb. 5 due to the full moon. Shakeups, breakups, and drama will continue until the full moon dissipates.

Here’s how February’s full moon will impact your zodiac sign


The romance factor in your life is heating up, inspiring you to become more poetic with your words and actions. Maybe it means you want to plan a getaway with your S.O. Maybe it means you want to read a romance novel. or maybe it means you want to treat yourself to some TLC. Act with romance, whatever that means to you.


This is a time of personal reflection, as you’re deciding what path you want to walk down. Although growth is necessary, it’ll feel especially challenging to embrace transformative energy because evolution can be hard for everyone — especially you, Taurus.


You may find yourself with the time to take on a new hobby or passion project, and this attention diversion is exactly what you need. Focus your energies on a healthy project, not related to your job. You might feel a newfound invigoration.


You’re longing for extra security right now, which is why you may find yourself leaning on friends more than ever. Cash in on those strong emotional bonds you've made. Ask for help. Your friends are there for fun, yes, but they're also there for support.


Put yourself out there, Leo — now isn't the time to stay in the shadows (not that you ever belonged there). Speaking from the heart with honesty and truth is pivotal to letting others see you clearly, and vice versa.


Focus on you during this full moon. If you can, draw a meditative, hot bath with lavender (the essence of your zodiac sign) to let go of the anxieties in your mind. This will give you the chance to rejuvenate your senses and calm your energy. Or, take a long, hot shower — designated as "you" time.


Re-evaluate your inner circle during the full moon. Take stock of who’s been there through thick and thin to ensure that you have a great support system. Those who’ve proven to be your best buds deserve a lot of love.


Spruce up your LinkedIn account and resume. An old colleague may reach out with an offer or referral for new work. It can also be a good time to apply for other positions in your company or at other places to evolve the scope of your career and professional status.


Your views are shifting and evolving right now, giving you the chance to see matters from a new vantage point. This is normal for a Sagittarius, forever seeking the truth. The more you allow yourself to open your mind, the easier the transition will be.


Trust your gut feelings. They’re making you more aware of the world around you. You may find out truths that you’re not ready to. Be prepared to let your intuition and innate knowledge to discern who you can trust.


You’re craving connection. Plan an evening out to connect with with your crush on friends on a soulful level. Make sure a dinner or walk is involved. What you need isn't just company but meaningful conversation.


Don’t let your daily routines or errands pile up. Make a to-do list of the important things you need to start and finish to keep up with life. You’ll find that a bit of organization will enable you to take on and complete your tasks in record time — if you start right now.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.

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