Fed-up bride-to-be demands mom pay for the entire wedding: ‘[It] isn’t about her’

A woman is fed up with her mother insisting she has a big traditional wedding.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She and her husband want a smaller wedding, but her mom insists that she will regret it. Her mom won’t drop the issue, so she told her mother to pay for the wedding or let go of the unreasonable demand.

“My mom is very opposed to the idea. She keeps trying to convince me that I’ll regret it, that if we go with a small wedding it won’t be special and we might as well just get married in a courthouse,” she wrote.

The bride-to-be says her mom has been arguing about the issue for two weeks.

“Eventually, I told her that the only way we’ll agree to a big traditional wedding is if she agrees to be responsible for paying for the entire wedding,” she wrote.

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“She said she already agreed to help pay for it and that the money from her, my dad, and my fiances family would pay for the wedding, but I insisted that since she is the only person who wants us to have that kind of wedding, she would need to be the one to pay for it. All of it. Now my mom is really upset and I’m worried I went too far.”

Redditors felt the mom actually went too far.

“You and your fiancé do not want a big wedding – that’s it. You stick to that, loudly and emphatically if you have to. That’s the reason you give her,” a user wrote.

“The wedding isn’t about her,” another said.

“She’s being ridiculous and needs to chill out. It’s not her wedding,” a Redditor commented.

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