Federal Bank Holidays 2019: Is My Bank Open Today?

Michael DeSenne, Executive Editor, Kiplinger.com
Find out if your bank is likely to be open in 2019 on New Year's Day, MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Is your bank open on Memorial Day? How about the Fourth of July? The following is a schedule of holidays observed by the U.S. Federal Reserve System. While banks are not required to close on all federal holidays, many do. As such, the Fed's calendar can signal whether your local bank branch is likely to be open or closed for a holiday.

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If you must see your banker in person on a holiday, it's a good idea to call ahead or check your bank's website for details on holiday hours and closures. Keep in mind that even if your local bank branch is closed for a holiday, you still might be able to access banking services online via a bank's website, on your smartphone via your banking app, or by telephone via your bank's toll-free number.

U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Holidays 2019-2021

New Year's Day Jan. 1 Jan. 1 Jan. 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan. 21 Jan. 20 Jan. 18
Presidents Day/Washington's Birthday Feb. 18 Feb. 17 Feb. 15
Memorial Day May 27 May 25 May 31
Independence Day July 4 July 4* July 4**
Labor Day Sept. 2 Sept. 7 Sept. 6
Columbus Day Oct. 14 Oct. 12 Oct. 11
Veterans Day Nov. 11 Nov. 11 Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Day Nov. 28 Nov. 26 Nov. 25
Christmas Day Dec. 25 Dec. 25 Dec. 25*

Holiday observations

When a holiday falls on a weekend, the Federal Reserve System treats the holiday in one of two ways:

  • *If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the Fed does not observe the holiday on the preceding Friday.
  • **If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the Fed observes the holiday on the subsequent Monday.

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