Furloughed federal employees lash out--and find solidarity--online

Chris Moody
Political Reporter

Federal employees around the country are facing obligatory work furloughs as a result of budget sequestration, which mandates across-the-board cuts in government spending.

The government belt-tightening is having real-world consequences for thousands of federal workers, contractors and those who rely on federal assistance programs. Over the past few weeks, many federal employees received furlough slips notifying them of immediate work and salary reductions.

Unsurprisingly, few are thrilled about losing 20 percent of their pay, and some are speaking out. They've banded together on the public Facebook group "How I Spent My Furlough Day," using it as a space to vent through personal stories, pictures and videos about how they're coping with the cuts.

Here are some of the best posts on the Facebook group:

*This is not the Al Cardenas of the American Conservative Union.

You could write an entire cookbook about furlough food. Most of it would be booze and ramen.

Personal grooming is no longer a priority. 

Even women are getting into it!


There's enough furlough apparel to fill an entire wardrobe.

And of course, there are songs about furloughs.

And a little in-office protest.

Someone even made a tool that cuts off 20 percent of every e-mail--the same amount as their pay.

Great work, politicians!