FedEx driver called racial slurs by Ga. man in viral video reveals what happened that day

A video of a Georgia man yelling racial slurs at a Black FedEx worker has gone viral since it was posted on social media earlier this week.

Investigators are now looking into whether charges should be filed against the man in the video.

Channel 2′s Justin Carter was at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Douglasville, where he spoke to the driver who shot the video.

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Michael Rush said he has never experienced anything like he did when he dropped off a package at a home on Rand Drive on Tuesday afternoon.

Channel 2 Action News is blurring the man in the video’s face since he has not been charged with a crime.

Rush said his route has recently changed so the home on Rand Drive was new to him.

“As I pulled up to his house, I waved at him and everything to let him know I was there,” Rand said. “He started yelling out, saying ‘I hate black people.’”

That’s when Rush hit the record button on his phone.


“Go ahead and get out you dumb (n-word),” the barefoot man says to rush, pacing around in the driveway of what looks like a luxury home. ‘Freedom of speech you stupid monkey.”

Rush said he started backing out of the driveway to get away.

“As I was backing up, he was going back to the car, (yelling), ‘You stupid (n-word)! You stupid monkey!’” Rush said. “I was just like, ‘Hold on now.’”

Rush said the encounter made him feel threatened.

Carter stopped by the home on Friday where there were ‘no trespassing signs plastered outside the gate. Neighbors Carter spoke to off camera said they were placed there recently.

Rush’s lawyer, Ryan Williams said he filed a police report yesterday and is pushing for criminal charges.

“You can keep that in your closet and be covert with it, but as soon as he hit record and doubled down on it, then we’re gonna come for you with everything you’re about,” Williams said.

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Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds released a statement Friday night that read:

“On 1/19/2023, I met with Mr. Rush and his attorney in my office about the incident and video which has now gone viral. As a law enforcement agency, we investigate crimes, there was no evidence presented to me of a crime being committed during this incident. Most of us in today’s society find this language degrading, derogatory, offensive and racist. However, the First Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens’ freedom of speech.

“As part of my oath of office, it is my responsibility to uphold the Constitutional Rights of all citizens and not allow my personal opinion to dictate how I enforce the laws.

“As the Sheriff, I am sworn to serve and protect the citizens of Douglas County, the business owners, and those traveling through on their daily commute. Law enforcement officials do not always agree with another’s perspective, but we must protect and serve the community equally, fairly, and impartially. We must protect all persons within the laws and Constitution of Georgia as well as the Constitution of the United States of America.

“On the marked DCSO vehicles you see patrolling the county, there is a quote that says, “Progress Is Impossible Without Change”. I ask you this, how will we ever move forward if we continue to do the things that keep us divided?”