Feds Will Bolster South Bay COVID Vaccine Supply With 100,000 Extra Doses

Santa Clara County is expected to get 100,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses from the federal government next week in addition to the state supply it will receive. Maria Medina reports. (4-23-21)

Video Transcript

- Just within the past few hours, we have learned that Santa Clara County is getting 100,000 more doses of the coronavirus vaccine next week. The news comes on the same day the county announced it's administered one million doses so far. But now there's a new challenge in reaching herd immunity. KPI5's Maria Medina live in San Jose tonight with the hesitancy to get the vaccine to some, Maria.

MARIA MEDINA: And Ken, we are seeing that hesitation nationwide. Here in Santa Clara County, our hesitancy rate is at 10%, and health officials are trying to figure out why.

MARY ALVAREZ-NUTTING: The chairs, the signs, the tables.

MARIA MEDINA: At Roots Community Health Center in San Jose, there is a mission to go into the South Bay's most vulnerable communities to vaccinate as many people as possible.

MARY ALVAREZ-NUTTING: No appointment needed, no ID needed.

MARIA MEDINA: Tomorrow, Mary Alvarez-Nutting, a nurse practitioner with Roots, will be at University Ame Zion Church with more than 1,500 doses.

MARY ALVAREZ-NUTTING: We don't care about your immigration status. You can say your name is Homer Simpson, and you're going to get a vaccine. So, we just need people to come and get the vaccine.

MARIA MEDINA: Roots serves everyone but focuses on the Black population, which lags behind in vaccination rates along with the Latinx community.

ROCIA LUNA: Some of it is really access related. We know that in the Latinx community, African, African ancestry, you know, they have been working all along throughout the pandemic. And kids are back in school.

MARIA MEDINA: County leaders now planned to adjust hours at vaccination sites to include nights and weekends. And they're trying to get the word out supply is now readily available. KPIX learned tonight the county is expected to receive another 100,000 doses from the feds next week, in addition to its state supply.

ROCIA LUNA: We will be at, you know, markets where people shop, and potentially working with employers as well to ensure that you know we were able to meet everyone's needs.

MARY ALVAREZ-NUTTING: If we don't get everyone vaccinated, this little bug is going to be able to mutate.

MARIA MEDINA: But Mary, who holds a vaccine clinic at Sunrise Middle School every Wednesday says hesitancy is a concern that she hopes won't stop us from reaching herd immunity.

MARY ALVAREZ-NUTTING: Last Wednesday we were there. And I had 1,000 vaccines. And I came back to the office with 600 vaccines because not enough people showed up. I have high hopes people will be there tomorrow to come and get vaccinated.

MARIA MEDINA: And Ken there is some good news in all of this. 63% of our eligible population has received at least their first dose. So we are creeping toward herd immunity. Ken.

KEN BASTIDA: That is good news, a million people in Santa Clara County. Maria Medina reporting live. Thanks Maria.

- Tonight four Bay Area Counties tell KPIX they will start using the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine again. San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, and Alameda counties are making the move after the federal government lifted its pause. The CDC says the benefits outweigh the risks of rare blood clots.