'It feels great!' - President Biden enters WH

After taking the oath of office and a brief dash to shake some hands, Biden made it safely to the White House in a barricaded city guarded by more than 25,000 troops and devoid of the hundreds of thousands of spectators who normally throng to the quadrennial ritual.

The unprecedented precautions ensured the new U.S. president and Vice President Kamala Harris took office free of incident in a ceremony outside the U.S. Capitol, two weeks to the day after a mob attacked the building in a failed attempt to keep Congress from certifying their victory.

Video Transcript

- How does it feel to [INAUDIBLE]?

- How are you feeling?

- What time is it?

- [INAUDIBLE] good?

- --President.

- [INAUDIBLE] Biden for president!

- How are you feeling?

JOE BIDEN: Feeling great!

- Mr. President, how does it feel to be president finally?

- Hey, how are you, sir?


- [INAUDIBLE] good to see you. I know. [? I can't-- ?]

- It's been three hours. How does it feel, Mr. President?

JOE BIDEN: Feels great!

- It feels good?

JOE BIDEN: Feels good.

- All righty. Congratulations. Thank you.


JOE BIDEN: Thank you.

- Congratulations, sir!

JOE BIDEN: Thank you!