Felicity Huffman’s Famous Friends Insist She's a Good Person and a Great Parent

Cameron LeBlanc

It’s sentencing day for Felicity Huffman. In just a few hours she’ll find out if she will be going to jail after pleading guilty to paying $15,000 to fraudulently boost her daughter’s SAT scores as part of the college admissions scandal.

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Huffman submitted a letter asking the judge for leniency, and she’s not the only one. Several of her famous friends wrote letters on her behalf.

Eva Longoria, Huffman’s costar on Desperate Housewives, wrote about how Huffman, more experienced actress, stood up to another cast member who was “bullying” the relatively green Longoria.

Huffman also decided that the four stars of the show should negotiate as a unit and thus receive equal pay. It took weeks of convincing, but she was ultimately successful.

“It wasn’t about the money for me, it was the fact that I was seen as an equal, which is how Felicity had always seen me,” Longoria wrote.

Marc Cherry, the creator of the show, echoed Longoria’s words. He wrote about how Huffman dealt with a difficult cast member.

“Felicity still insisted on saying ‘good morning’ to this actress, even though she knew she wouldn’t get a response. I found out about this and asked Felicity about it. She smiled and said, ‘just because that woman’s determined to be rude, doesn’t mean she can keep me from being polite.'”

Macy also wrote to the judge, praising his wife’s resilience in building her career and dedication to her family despite a sometimes chaotic upbringing. He also reveals that he and his family are in therapy dealing with the aftermath of the scandal.

“There is much to be done, and some of the hurt and anger will take years to work through, but we are making progress,” he wrote before finishing his letter by saying “every good thing in my life is because of Felicity Huffman.”

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