"He fell asleep and never woke up": Russian Command conceals conscripts cause of death Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine [SSU] has stated that the Russian Command is concealing the cause of death of those enlisted before the new wave of conscription, in order to prevent riots in their army.

Source: phone call recorded by the SSU

Details: The Security Service detailed that on the audio, a Siberian woman tells her conscripted husband who was sent to fight on the Donetsk front that the enlisted men return home in zinc coffins. And relatives of those conscripts are surprised by the official cause of death.

Quote: "Crowds of conscripts started coming home. In zinc [coffins – ed.]. We have had a s***load [of dead soldiers arriving – ed.] in Siberia, they are mentioned nearly every day. The most interesting thing is [the reported cause of death]: "He fell asleep and never woke up"...

"It's not like [the soldiers died] on a drill or on a battlefield somewhere... it’s just [as if they] 'fell asleep and never woke up'. There has been one such incident recently. But he was up there on the front line," the woman says.

The man she is speaking with believes it is obvious the military Command is trying in this way to minimise panic before the new wave of conscription, which Russia is planning to hold in December. "If they [the authorities – ed.] say that they’re all f***ed, and that’s it, and that they [Russian soldiers] will all die there, not a f***ing soul would go [to war against Ukraine] anymore", he explains to his wife.

Apparently, the "recruits" are already demoralised. Some of them injure themselves and do not even reach the battlefield.

The man shares his own experience of staying in a tent camp for conscripts in Novosibirsk [ city in Russia’s Far East – ed.]: "There was one guy who cut his veins; another one was stabbed, and another one died of booze...".

The Security Service of Ukraine notes that over 90,000 Russian invaders who did join the war in Ukraine have been killed since the beginning of the Russian aggression.

Quote: "Therefore, Russians who want to return home otherwise than in a zinc coffin are reminded of the hotline: +380936886888.

By calling this phone number, you can get detailed instructions on how to surrender safely".

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