FEMA To Launch Funeral Assistance Program

The program will provide reimbursement of funeral costs to those who lost loved ones to COVID-19, KDKA's Chris Hoffman reports.

Video Transcript

- People who lost a relative to COVID-19 could soon be reimbursed for funeral expenses. Tomorrow FEMA launches a massive funeral assistance program. Let's bring in Chris Hoffman with more on this program. What do people need to know, Chris?

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Good morning, [INAUDIBLE]. FEMA's federal assistance program is offering to reimburse families up to $9,000 per funeral of a COVID-19 victim. And for families who had to bury more than one loved one, they could be reimbursed up to $35,000. Now the deaths in question would have had to have occurred after January 20 of 2020 and be attributable to the coronavirus. The deaths must also have happened in the United States. That's including US territories and the District of Columbia. Applicants will have to supply paperwork on funeral costs as well as the cause of death.

Now if you are eligible for assistance, FEMA will either mail you a check or it can be directly deposited into your bank account. FEMA will begin accepting these applications tomorrow morning with their call center starting at 9:00 AM. To find that number and more information on this program, head on over to our website, KDKA.com, as well as our app. Chris Hoffman, KDKA News.