Female Afghan TV anchor made history, then fled

She was the first Afghan female journalist to interview the Taliban after they took over control.

Beheshta Arghand quickly adjusted her headscarf when the Taliban showed up at her studio uninvited two days after their takeover of the capital Kabul.

They demanded to be interviewed.

And rapid fire questions they received.

Her live interview made headlines around the world - it seemed part of Taliban efforts to promote a more moderate face as the group promised to respect women's rights.

She says it was about a week later, her life became nightmare.

With the help of Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai, she fled to Doha:

"Women - Taliban they don't accept. When a group of people don't accept you as a human, they have some picture in their mind of you, it's very difficult."

Many of her colleagues had left the country despite Taliban assurances for women to access work and the freedom of the media.

Arghand says the Taliban ordered her employer Tolo News to enforce all women to wear a hijab and that female anchors were suspended in other stations.

She says the Islamist group also asked local media to stop talking about their takeover and their rule.

Arghand knew that she had no choice but to flee.

"So when there is no future for me, how can I stay in Afghanistan. How can I continue my job? I just want to become the voice of my people, not the voice of a group of people that came and said, tell (them) what we want."

She called Malala after interviewing the Pakistani activist in the past and asked for her help to be placed on Qatar's list of evacuees.

Now, in a temporary residence with her brothers, she says looking back- she realizes how much she loves Afghanistan - and the profession she chose over her family's objections.

"When I sat on the airplane, I said to myself in my head, now, you don't have anything."

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