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How to fend off bugs in your yard and home

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Now is the time to take action as warmer weather brings bugs looking to set up in your home or yard back to Houston.

Video Transcript

TOM KOCH: Well, other critters are coming. Despite today's chilly temperatures, springtime weather brings the bugs back to Houston.

BRHE BERRY: Yeah, we have a few in our house, actually.

TOM KOCH: Not as big as the alligator, though.

BRHE BERRY: No, thank goodness. Action 13's, Jeff Ehling, is here with how you keep them from setting up in your home and yard.

JEFF EHLING: And remember, guys, you can do this yourself, or you can hire a pest service if you want to. But if you're concerned about bugs in the future, well, guess what. The time to take action is right now. Hissing cockroaches in an aquarium are not a problem, but when some get inside your house, you have issues. And warmer weather is bringing them out of hiding.

RONNIE WHEELER: So, you take the Apex cockroach bait, and you do about 100 little small BB-sized dots all throughout your kitchen. Underneath your cabinet edge, under the sink, around where you've seen them.

JEFF EHLING: Ronnie Wheeler at Solutions Pest and Lawn say, a lot of people are also seeing army cutworms on their plants. He recommends using a product called Ignite. Just dilute it and spray it on your plants. But if you've got fleas, fire ants, chinch bugs, or crickets, spreading Bifen L/P granules now will pay off with a bug free yard for weeks to come.

RONNIE WHEELER: You'll broadcast it out and then wet it in. And this product would last a good five to six months.

JEFF EHLING: All right, so, the time to do this is now before you see pests return to your yard or even in your house. Now, speaking of pests, how about this? A copperhead snake in the driveway of our producer, Stephanie's, home? Look at that thing. Stephanie said that this is a copperhead, and it's one of four poisonous snakes in the state of Texas.

So, here's the thing, guys. If you see a snake in your front yard, don't try to get rid of it yourself. Instead, get your kids, get your pets, get all the people. Go inside, call Animal Control, have them come out and deal with it, because guess what. Most snake bites happen when someone who is untrained says, oh, don't worry. I'll get rid of that snake for you.

And that's usually what they say, and about how they sound, right? Well, hospital bills, remind them, that they run in the tens of thousands of dollars for a snake bite. So, don't mess with these. And springtime is when snakes are on the move.

So, if you're cleaning out leaves or maybe clearing out brush, here's some advice. Wear some close-toed shoes. So, don't go out there in sandals. Some heavy pants, like jeans or something heavier if you've got it, and gloves as well, because you don't want to reach in, and try to get the leaves into a bag, and then you get your-- get bitten by a copperhead.

And it happens. Back in 2016, our own Art Rascon, bitten by a copperhead. He was in his front yard. It was underneath his car. Walked out in bare feet to get something from the trunk of his car. We do it all the time. That time, he got bitten by the snake. Yeah.

TOM KOCH: Well, Stephanie said that one tasted like chicken, so--

JEFF EHLING: Oh. I'll bet she had nothing to do with that one.


No way.


TOM KOCH: No, Stephanie? Oh, no. She don't--

BRHE BERRY: I'm pretty sure Stephanie just sat it in the house and took that video for us.

TOM KOCH: Thanks, Jeff.

JEFF EHLING: You got it.

ELISA LORESCA: Wait now. Hey, Jeff. If it's a small snake, like one of these little itty bitty snakes, is it OK to--

JEFF EHLING: No. No, the snake that bit Art Rascon was a teeny tiny one.

TOM KOCH: Think teeny tiny baby snake.

JEFF EHLING: Baby snake.

ELISA LORESCA: OK. All right. No snakes.

JEFF EHLING: He went to the hospital for a couple of days.


ELISA LORESCA: But we should call somebody. Don't just ignore it, right?

JEFF EHLING: Animal Control is your best bet on that one.

ELISA LORESCA: I need to get those people on speed dial.