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Fentons Creamery staff surprised with $1,000 tip

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"She was just happy that we are still open," the historic Oakland ice cream shop said of the mystery donor.

Video Transcript

KRISTEN SZE: You guys, another sign of generosity during the pandemic. This is nice, check it out. Fentons Creamery in Oakland posted this image on its Facebook page this week, writing "a very generous customer left a $1,000 tip for a staff on a $63 check this week. She said she was just happy that we're still open. Amazing." Adding that they are filled with gratitude for those who have helped by ordering takeout over the past year.

Another reason to celebrate. You know what? Fentons, I will say, is amazing, and I'm sure everybody there has worked super hard. So go there. Get the ice cream. Leave a big tip to say thank you.

DAN ASHLEY: Yeah, absolutely. I love hearing those stories.

- Yeah, I think it's really nice. I think, Kristen, this pandemic has really forced us to all think about the small things that we appreciate. And certainly, you know, things like that where we get an opportunity to be still served with ice cream or food or whatever it may be. I think it was a great gesture.

DAN ASHLEY: But let me point out, it was a lovely gesture and so sweet of people. I worked, earn money for college, in high school and college, working at Swensons for about six years, ice cream factory. Never got $1,000 tip.

KRISTEN SZE: But you ate a lot of good ice cream.

DAN ASHLEY: That's true.

KRISTEN SZE: Swensons is good, too.

DAN ASHLEY: It's true.



KRISTEN SZE: No, that was nice.

LARRY BEIL: Dan, ask yourself why.

- But you weren't in a pandemic either, Dan.

DAN ASHLEY: That is the question, Larry. I-- should do some soul searching.

LARRY BEIL: I'm sorry. It's Friday. It's Friday, I'm emptying everything I got. I got it-- everything's coming up.

KRISTEN SZE: Well, you got a lot.