Will Ferrell Barely Avoids Getting Trampled By USC Football Team Onto The Field

Will Ferrell almost gets trampled by USC football team running onto the field.

Will Ferrell is ubiquitously known for his clumsiness in his comedy act. This situation was no different when it came to leading his alma mater football team, the USC Trojans, onto the field on Saturday.

When he and the Trojans came out of the tunnel, you can see the excitement from the fans, the team, and Will. But I guess Will and the team needed a rehearsal for timing before they left the team's locker room so he wouldn't be trampled over while making their way to the field.

This scene was not from a movie, but it was worthy of being in any of his films.

Check the clip here:

To see it again from a better side angle, you can see how Will gets lost in the mix below:

Will Ferrell leads #USC out of the tunnel before the Trojans open Pac-12 play against #Stanford. pic.twitter.com/OJnbhVs91l

— McKenna Keil (@mckenna_keil) September 20, 2015

Talk about Trojan Horse-play gone almost really bad. As you can see towards the end of the clip, Will had to laugh off not having to suffer a monsoon steel of cleats onto his body. Typical of Will, right?

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