Festival beauty: the essentials for your make-up bag

Music festival beauty is all about using hardworking products which will last all day and into the night, come rain or shine. We take a look at the essential beauty items you'll want to pack in your bag this year.

Protecting your skin is a non-negotiable basic festival precaution, but as well as sunscreen, you'll need something to keep moisturized after spending long days and nights outdoors exposed to the elements. "Miracle Salve" from Burt's Bees (US$7) can be used on hands, body, and even hair, meaning a lighter toiletry bag for you!

Dry shampoo and conditioner
Shower facilities can be hard to come by on the festival scene, so a dry shampoo and conditioning spray will go a long way. Serge Norman has a lightweight dry conditioner, Meta Revive Dry Conditioner Nourishing Argan Oil, infused with the coveted oil to leave your tresses ultra soft ($25).

Facial wipes
Facial wipes are an absolute must for festivaling -- try these Estée Lauder "Take It Away" towelettes (approximately $32) for cleansing on the go. They even work on long-wear extra-resistant makeup.

Festival eye makeup needs to be bright and colorful, but most of all, waterproof! Urban Decay's liquid "24/7" range ticks all the boxes, with hues ranging from silver to aquamarine ($19).

Nail stickers
Forget chipped polish and prepare your own emergency nail stickers in advance with this handy duo set from Dior ($30), inspired by marine colors and motifs. The set comes in Sailor blue, Yacht beige or Captain red.

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