Fett and Laird win LATA mixed doubles

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Jul. 31—LIMA — Tennis has opened some doors for Ian Laird and Maggie Fett.

A couple years ago, Laird and Fett met through some of their tennis connections in Findlay.

Sunday, at the University of Northwestern Ohio tennis courts, Laird and Fett won the Lima Area Tennis Association (LATA) mixed doubles tournament, as they defeated Brandon Amstutz and Brooke Camper in the finals, 7-5, 6-1.

Fett, who is 24 years old, played her high school tennis at Bluffton. Laird, 25, played his high school tennis at Findlay.

Not only do Laird and Fett team up on the tennis courts, they also are a couple.

"We met through tennis," Fett said. "So, that's kind of how that happened. There's a good tennis community in Findlay. So, we met through some mutual friends."

Since then, Laird and Fett have played together in many mixed doubles tournaments.

In Sunday's championship match against Amstutz and Camper, Laird and Fett won a tight first set. However, in the second set, Laird and Fett demonstrated the chemistry they have on the tennis court by disposing their opponents rather easily.

Laird and Fett started the second set by pulling out to a commanding 5-0 lead.

"I felt like we just kept our form," Laird said. "We weren't discouraged at how we played in the first set. We were able to break Brandon's serve, early in the second set; and that really helped us out.

"That gave us a lot of momentum. I was able to consolidate it by holding the next game. ... We got it to 3-0, and we just kind of kept the momentum going after that."

Added Fett, "We made less errors than they did, to be honest with you. In the first set, we were just adjusting to getting settled in."

Last year, Laird and Fett lost to the duo of Jeff Arthur and Andrea Arango-Brown in the LATA mixed doubles finals.

This weekend, Laird and Fett would not be denied.

"That one (loss in last year's finals) stung a little bit, for sure," Laird said. "We went back and worked on a few things; and we played in a lot of mixed

doubles tournaments. So, it felt good to come back and finally seal it up this time."

Laird said the two of them team up really well on the tennis court.

"She is really good on the baseline. I'm able to put some shots away at the net, and volley a little bit. We complement each other well," he said.

Camper, a junior at Bluffton High School, plays on the tennis team for the Pirates. Amstutz, a 2016 graduate of Van Wert High School, coaches the boys tennis team at Van Wert.

In the mixed doubles back-draw bracket, Jeff Arthur and Delaney Dawson won the back-draw title Sunday by defeating Addisyn Cooper and Curtis Hughes, 6-1, 6-1.

In the LATA junior tournament, a round-robin format, there were four participants. Alexa Heffner won the title Sunday. Emma Stauffer was runner-up, while Brailynn Murphy was third.


Open Championship Match

Ian Laird/Maggie Fett def. Brandon Amstutz/Brooke Camper 7-5, 6-1

Back Draw Championship Match

Jeff Arthur/Delaney Dawson def. Addisyn Cooper/Curtis Hughes 6-1, 6-1

JUNIORS (Round Robin)

Alexa Heffner def. Emma Stauffer 8-2

Alexa Hefner def. Ava Eley 8-0

Alexa Heffner def. Brailyn Murphy 8-4

Emma Stauffer def. Ava Eley 4-0

Emma Staffer def. Brailyn Murphy 8-4

Brailyn Murphy def. Ava Eley 9-8