A Few Flights Able To Depart From DIA Despite Heavy Snow

Even with the heavy, blowing snow, some flights will be getting out of the airport on Sunday.

Video Transcript

DOMINIC: All right, let's take you out to the airport now. Airlines canceled more than 1200 more flights today alone. That's more than 2000 canceled for this storm, and that's just in and out of DIA. For the flights that are taking off, you can imagine the deicing crew's working very hard to make those planes safe for takeoff. And convoys of trucks trying to clear those runways, our Shawn Chitnis live at DIA right now, and been pretty much a ghost town all morning.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Yeah, Dominic. Really incredible to see what is happening inside, especially on the east terminal, where there aren't even folks in the check in counters. Another unique sight today, just looking up at the tents above me and watching all of this snow that continues to fall off and land on the ground. So if you take a look at this video and see what the setting is like from the inside looking out, you will understand why conditions are so tough, visibility is poor, and the team that is out there trying to move the snow in the areas where people are walking, they are just not getting a break because the snow continues to slide off of those tents and hit the ground. And they're certainly doing a great job of trying to keep everything clear and safe.

As we've been talking about, cancellations across the board no matter which airline we're talking about. More cancelations than flights on time or delayed, and the few people who we have seen walking around trying to get to their gate and able to stop just briefly to tell us that they were either here for another flight or trying to get to another city, and ultimately just trying to get home at this point and have had to spend a lot more time inside the airport than they certainly wanted to. A few people choosing to sleep and spend the night here. So many people just want to get home, but for the most part it is still empty. And as I look out on the TSA section at this hour, once again empty. Plenty of workers, but just no one to run through security. We're going to stay here throughout the day, continue to keep you updated. Of course, if you do need to be here at the airport, you need to first check with your airline. Make sure that that flight is still on track to leave today. Live at DIA, Shawn Chitnis, CBSN Denver.

DOMINIC: So quiet you can hear the machines behind you. Shawn, thanks so much.