Fiancee of California man killed while feeding homeless continues his mission

Fiancee of California man killed while feeding homeless continues his mission
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The fiancee of a California man killed while feeding the homeless will return to handing out meals to the hungry Friday.

Robert Herron, 55, was providing food for the homeless on Aug. 20 in East Oakland when he was shot and killed by a person he did not know during an unprovoked attack, police said.

"I never thought he would die in the street," said Herron's fiancee, Lisa Chavez. "Never."


It was a weekly custom for the couple to assemble donations of clothes and food for the community's most needy, KTVU reported.

This week will be the first time since Herron's passing that Chavez will return to continue the tradition, she said.

She is asking that anyone interested in helping her carry out her and Herron's mission bring food at 9 a.m.

Chavez was handling those donations when her fiance was shot, she said.

"I heard, 'Boom, boom, boom,'" Chavez said. "Three to four shots. I turned to look, and he's in the gutter."

One man who was getting a meal from the pair recalled the moments immediately after the shooting.

"I was basically trying to keep him stable and alive until the paramedics and the police got there," the man identified as "Slim" Hoover said.

Herron died at the scene, police said.

His death is part of life in the area, Hoover suggested.

"People out here are getting killed for nothing," Hoover said. "You can get killed for blinking an eye wrong."

The man believed to have shot Herron, Jamal Taylor, was shot and killed four days later in a Chicago shootout with police after fleeing the Oakland area by Amtrak, authorities said.

Chavez said she still cannot comprehend why her fiance was killed, and she labeled her relationship a "fairy tale that almost happened."

"Who walks up and shoots somebody feeding?" she said. "We were supposed to go to Disneyland. He was my Goofy. We were supposed to go and get married."

The couple had been together for close to 14 years, Chavez said.


The pair were waiting to be moved into senior housing due to an eviction that forced the couple to live in a van, she said.

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