FIFA's Infantino: 'We stand up for human rights'

STORY: Speaking two days before the final between Argentina and France, Infantino also defended FIFA's decision not to allow teams to display any messages on their shirts or team captains' armbands.

The World Cup in the desert state had led to a significant amount of political discussion, with some teams voicing concerns about the host's treatment of migrant labour, its approach to LGBT rights and FIFA's threats to penalise players for political statements.

Germany's soccer federation was among the most vocal in pressing for anti-discrimination "OneLove" armbands to be worn by players and said "extreme blackmail" from FIFA and a threat of sanctions led to Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Wales, England and Switzerland abandoning plans to wear them.

Infantino said the tournament was the "best World Cup ever" and had shown the cohesive power it had.