Fight Breaks Out After Coffee Cup Thrown in Mask-Related Incident at Manhattan Beach

A man was involved in an altercation with a couple after a cup of coffee was thrown on him at Manhattan Beach, California, on July 31.

James Hernandez recorded a video that shows him sitting with his friend, Matt Roy, on an outdoor bench to eat a burrito before a couple wearing masks approaches them.

“You’ll need to be wearing a mask,” the woman can be heard saying in the video.

“We’re on the other side of the fence, we don’t believe this stuff,” Hernandez responds.

The dispute between Roy and the couple escalates before the woman throws her cup toward Roy and the liquid inside spills over the man.

“Oh s***, that was dumb, " Hernandez says before Roy stands up to fight with the couple. His shirt is ripped during the scuffle.

The video then shows the man calling the police to report being assaulted by Trump supporters. Hernandez says the man will need to “get your story straight”.

“You threw the coffee first, stupid,” Roy says when the man is calling the police.

The video goes on to show Roy and Hernandez explain to the police what happened.

Hernandez told Storyful that he wore a Trump MAGA 2020 hat on the day and a body-cam on his waist. Hernandez said the police made the couple apologize, so he and Roy declined pressing charges.

On July 31, the City of Manhattan Beach recorded 264 cases and four deaths of coronavirus. The city issued an emergency service order on July 15 to ask residents to wear a cloth face covering and will issue a fine to those who violate the order. Credit: James Hernandez via Storyful