Fight Breaks Out After Multi-Vehicle Crash In South LA

A fight broke out Tuesday night following a multi-car crash in the 5400 block of South Figueroa in South Los Angeles.

Video Transcript

- I think there's a full moon tonight but a lot is happening. We have more breaking news. A wild scene unfolding moments ago after a crash in South LA,

- Well Desmond Shaw overhead in Sky 9 to show us what happened, Dess.

- Well, Pat, Jeff, we had a crash and then the fists started flying on Figueroa. We're in South LA Figueroa near Slosson. A really crazy crash here. You see two overturned vehicles. One in the street-- One over here on the sidewalk, a pole got knocked out. Incredibly, it doesn't seem that anyone was seriously injured.

You can see LA City Fire. They're tending to somebody but they haven't rushed anybody to the hospital. We've got to show you the earlier video that we just happened to capture some tempers began to flare up between a couple of people perhaps who were involved in the crash. And they got into a pretty nasty little physical altercation. LAPD had to separate them. And they actually have more units respond just to keep them apart.

So big scene unfolding here with this investigation on Figueroa, but just amazing when you look at the mayhem that no one appears to have been seriously injured. Live at Sky 9. I'm Dessmond Shaw. Patt, Jeff, back to you in the studio.

- Dess, thank you.