‘I fight kids’: Teen recalls getting brutally beaten at L.A. McDonald’s

(KTLA) – A teen girl who was seen being beaten inside a McDonald’s is speaking out after the terrifying incident was caught on video last week.

Footage of the violent confrontation shows 13-year-old Kassidy Jones being punched, kicked, and knocked to the ground by a female suspect.

She was walking home from school when the attack happened.

There were dozens of witnesses at the restaurant and Kassidy’s family said they’re disappointed no one stepped in to intervene or help the girl, who was left bloodied with a badly swollen face.

Her family said the attack was completely unprovoked and they’re still trying to understand what exactly happened.

“I’m okay,” Kassidy said, as she recovers from the attack. “Just trying to keep it together. Still getting to process it.”

Video of 13-year-old Kassidy Jones getting beaten by an unknown woman inside a Harbor City McDonald's on Sept. 6, 2023. (Angelina Gray)

The assault happened on Sept. 6 at a McDonald’s on Lomita Boulevard in the Harbor City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Kassidy and her friends were on their way home from school when they stopped inside the McDonald’s to use the restroom.

“They got some food and I was going to the bathroom,” Kassidy recalled.

But when she came out of the restroom, she says a woman she had never seen before suddenly lunged at her and began beating her.

Video of 13-year-old Kassidy Jones getting beaten by an unknown woman inside a Harbor City McDonald's on Sept. 6, 2023. (Angelina Gray)

“It was totally unprovoked,” Kassidy said. “I don’t know her. I didn’t say anything to her.

Kassidy said the woman was yelling at her during the assault saying, “‘What the F are you looking at? I fight kids. I’ll fight you!’”

Video of the fight shows the woman, who is much larger than Kassidy, pulling the girl to the floor and punching her in the face repeatedly. As Kassidy tries to defend herself, a crowd of onlookers watch, but no one intervenes.

“They’re looking and they’re videotaping her just getting beat up and no one tried to stop it [including] the employees, the customers,” said Angelina Gray, Kassidy’s mother. “You don’t just sit there and watch someone beat another person. How can you sleep at night?”

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Angelina said her daughter called her sobbing and terrified. That’s when she immediately called the police and rushed over to Kassidy at the restaurant.

“I see her and she’s covered in blood everywhere,” Angelina recalled. “She’s crying nonstop. She would not stop crying.”

By the time they reached the hospital, Kassidy was badly bruised and beaten. Her face was severely swollen. She said the woman only stopped hitting her after a man she was with eventually pulled her off Kassidy.

The suspect then grabbed her food and left the McDonald’s.

Image of the woman accused of beating 13-year-old Kassidy Jones inside a Harbor City McDonald's on Sept. 6, 2023. (Angelina Gray)

“I want her to go to jail,” said Angelina. “I want her to feel what my baby feels every night. She’s in pain. She’s hurting. I will not sleep until she’s behind bars.”

Cellphone video of the assault captured the suspect’s image. The victim’s family hopes someone will recognize the woman.

“At the end of the day it’s not right for that to happen,” Kassidy said. “That under any circumstances, a grown adult should put their hands on a kid that did nothing wrong to anybody. Just being about my business, going about my day.”

As Kassidy continues healing, her family remains distraught. They’re asking anyone who may recognize the suspect or has information on the attack to call the Los Angeles Police Department at 1-877-275-5273.

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