New films this week: 'The Lego Movie 2,' 'Peppa Pig,' 'What Men Want,' 'Cold Pursuit'

"The Lego Movie 2": A story about love, chaos and revenge in a grim, post-apocalyptic toyland.

"The Lego Movie 2" touches down with another earworm of a theme tune, the Chinese feature film interpretation of "Peppa Pig" launches for the Lunar New Year, and a trio of R-rated movies tackle relationships and career advancement ("What Men Want"), offbeat revenge ("Cold Pursuit") and supernatural terror ("The Prodigy").

The Lego Movie 2 (PG)
Select release dates: Netherlands, South Korea - February 6; Hong Kong, Singapore - Feb 7; Canada, India, Ireland, UK, USA - Feb 8; France, Philippines - Feb 13; Australia, Japan, South Africa - March

[Official Trailer 2:]
Story: Everything is no longer awesome when Lego Duplo aliens invade from outer space, and it's up to Emmett and his crew to fix it. Expect "Catchy Song," aka ""This song is gonna get stuck inside your head," to do as it suggests.
Starring Chris Pratt ("The Lego Movie"), Elizabeth Banks ("Pitch Perfect"), Will Arnett ("The Lego Batman Movie"), Tiffany Haddish ("Girls Trip"), Stephanie Beatriz ("Ice Age: Collision Course") and Alison Brie ("Glow") and directed by Mike Mitchell ("Shrek Forever After").

Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year (General audiences)
Select release dates: China, limited US theaters - February 5; Singapore - February 7

[Live action trailer:]
Synopsis: Developed as a licensed spin on the animated kids' show "Peppa Pig," this live action and animated mix is set during Chinese New Year and draws parallels between Peppa and George's family adventures and Chinese family values.

What Men Want (R)
Select release dates: Canada, Philippines, USA - February 8; South Africa - February 13; Australia, New Zealand - Feb 14; Ireland, Netherlands, UK - March; France - May

[Official Trailer:]
Story: Sports agent Ali is having trouble getting past her male colleagues, but then finds she has the upper hand when, after an accident, she can hear their thoughts. Comedy and drama follow.
Starring Taraji P. Henson ("Person of Interest," "Ralph Breaks the Internet"), Tracy Morgan ("30 Rock") and Josh Brener ("Silicon Valley") and directed by Adam Shankman ("Hairspray," "Rock of Ages").

Cold Pursuit (R)
Select release dates: Australia, New Zealand - February 7; USA - Feb 8; Hong Kong - Feb 14; Netherlands, Singapore - Feb 21; Ireland, UK - Feb 22; France - Feb 27; South Africa - April

[Official Trailer:]
Story: Colorado snowplow driver Lens is out for blood after his son dies in a failed drug deal. That leads him into an ongoing underworld struggle between two crimelords, the irritable Viking and the older White Bull.
Starring Liam Neeson ("Schindler's List," "Taken"), Tom Jackson (TV series "North of 60"), Emmy Rossum (TV series "Shameless") and Tom Bateman ("Murder on the Orient Express") and directed by Hans Petter Moland (source film "In Order of Disappearance").

The Prodigy (R)
Select release dates: Netherlands - February 7; USA - Feb 8; Singapore, UK - March

[Official Trailer:]
Story: Horror movie in which a hyper-intelligent child appears to be possessed by an evil supernatural force.
Starring Taylor Schilling (TV series "Orange is the New Black") and Jackson Robert Scott ("It") and directed by Nicholas McCarthy ("The Pact").