Filthy 1970 Chevelle SS Gets Deep Clean

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Wait until you see the interior…

Few cars represent classic American muscle to not only gearheads but the public at large as well as the 1970 Chevelle SS. It’s often the thing people picture in their head when someone talks about an American muscle car, a fact which is clearly represented in their lofty prices today. However, not everyone treats such a ride with extreme reverence for whatever reason, which is how this particular one has one of the most disgusting mold infestations we’ve ever seen.

Watch our interview with a car detailer here.

The outside of this ’70 Chevelle SS looks pretty good. Yes, it was raced back in the day and not all the trim pieces are still on it, but overall it’s an attractive Chevy which would turn heads at a show or the drag strip today.

However, after it was stored in a pole barn for about a quarter century, moisture accumulated in the cabin. Sure, the exterior cleaned up nice, but the interior looks like someone went for the rare velvet upholstery option, only that’s all mold.

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We can’t imagine how rank the interior of this Chevelle must’ve smelled or how anyone could stand to be inside it for more than a few seconds. Thankfully, it was taken to a professional detailer so the mold could be thoroughly cleaned out and all the scents removed.

While they were at it, the detailers did some paint correction and other things to the exterior. Sure, this old Chevy didn’t look too bad for its age, but it did need some help in those areas. They put an ozone machine in the car while they work on the exterior, smartly killing two birds with one stone.

The end results are of course amazing, but check out the video to see some of the process of cleaning up this filthy car.

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