Final Arguments In STEM School Shooting Trial Set For Monday

Both sides questioned the final defense witness on Friday.

Video Transcript

- STEM School shooter Devin Erickson is set to have final arguments on Monday. As it winds down, both sides questioned the final defense witness today. The defense continues their argument that Erickson was on drugs, was forced to participate in that shooting by Alec McKinney, who has already pled guilty and serving a life sentence. CBS 4's Rick Sallinger was in the courtroom for today's testimony.

RICK SALLINGER: The defense did not dispute that Devin Erickson fired a gun here at STEM School. Instead, they tried to convince a jury his judgment was clouded by heavy drug use. Toxicologist Wanda Guidry testified Erickson was using cocaine, marijuana, and perhaps cough syrup.

WANDA GUIDRY: It is a very potent stimulant, much like cocaine. So it's like, instead of shooting a rifle, just one bullet is like a shotgun effect.

RICK SALLINGER: The day before, the defense presented its only other witness, a physiologist, to say it's possible Erickson fired involuntarily. But before that, the critical moments in Room 107 were described by one of the three who tackled Erickson when he pulled out a gun and yelled, "don't anybody move."

JOSHUA JONES: We shove him to the ground. I felt that I was falling to the ground.

RICK SALLINGER: Joshua Jones described how he and Brendan [? Bayelly ?] tried to get the gun away from Erickson.

- How long, sir, are you trying to peel those fingers off that gun pointed at your face?

JOSHUA JONES: Felt like 10, 15 seconds.

RICK SALLINGER: He said Alec McKinney then came into the room with another gun. Kendrick Castille was then shot and killed as he went after Erickson.

JOSHUA JONES: I see him kind of rolled over to his side a little bit. I see a teacher, I don't remember who, kind of helping him.

RICK SALLINGER: Now, two years after this terrible event, it will go to a jury on Monday. In Douglas County, Rick Sallinger, covering Colorado first.

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