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'They finally didn't let us down': People in George Floyd Square cheer Chauvin guilty verdict

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Crowds gathered on April 20 near the spot where George Floyd was killed to celebrate the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Video Transcript

- I just told you, if you trust in God, you believe in God. We are right now at the third and [INAUDIBLE] but that's what's God.

- So many people across America. It's just different. I see all the people outside. He's correct. Just want to take a look at what's going on--

- This one's faster.

- OK. He must be guilty. Yes.

- Justice. Yeah. Let's go.

- Man, how you feel, man?

- You said it. You said it.

- We're at 38th and Chicago where George Floyd lost his life. And now it's all life here. It's just like, this is a whole new area. We knew to come straight here. Wherever we was, we came straight to where-- we're going to where George Floyd passed away. This is his time. I can't believe it.

- I got every shot--

- They finally didn't let us down. This is the first time we haven't been let down. Like, I don't even know how to feel. I just love everybody. I'm happy. We said no justice, no peace. We got justice, and all there is this peace. You don't see anybody looting, tearing up and down nothing. We just tired. And now is the time. Like, I feel good as.

- This shocked me. I ain't going to lie. It shocked me. I couldn't believe that they really convicted a guilty man of a guilty charge under they law enforcement. Like, it's crazy. This is just one more step closer, but we still got a lot of convictions that need to be had. So, like I said, I'm happy. I am. I am. I'm very happy. I just don't want to be here again. You know? I don't want to be here again for the same thing, waiting on another verdict.

- The system knows that they've got to do something. Now is the time. They better do something, because people are not going to take it anymore.


- God did not let this man die in vain. His life will not be dead in vain. It can't be. God let this man sacrifice his life for us. We need this change, and we got it. And we're going to take it, and we going to run with it.

- Run. We got to pull together, people.

- We will not stop.

- Pull together, people. We ain't done.

- We not done.

- Not done.

- Now we got Daunte Wright.

- We ain't done. We ain't done.

- We're coming. We're coming.