Finally! Hallmark's Olivia and Mick of the Wedding March Movies Are Getting Married

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It's finally happening. After watching Olivia and Mick reunite and then rekindle their romance as they built up their full-service wedding business over the past 5 films, the couple played by Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner are finally tying the knot and we are all invited. No formal attire required.

As we saw at the end of the 5th film of this series, Mick finally popped the question and Olivia accepted. So, as we rejoin the lovebirds in Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6 they are simultaneously planning their own nuptials while keeping up with the ever-changing demands of a new couple who has come to the inn for their own wedding. This time, the betrothed are A-list movie star Curt (Nathan Witte) and his reluctant of the spotlight fiancé, Autumn (Caitlin Stryker) that have come to Willow Lake Inn to have a private, low-key affair. But due to the pressures of Curt's rising star and the publicity that comes with it, their small, informal wedding keeps changing and getting bigger and bigger. But Mick and Oliva handle all of the updates and upgrades with ease as they are now total pros at this wedding game.

Southern Living recently spoke with the two stars about the evolution of their characters of the now six films.

Bissett told us, "We did settle into running the inn… it's like, you know, we grew as characters, and people, and actors." Also adding, "We absolutely love doing these, and we love doing them together. We love working together."

But of course, avid TV fans will know that Bissett and Wagner have been friends far longer than just during these six films. Their friendship spans all the way back to when they both starred on Melrose Place, which will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary—can you believe it? The chemistry, respect, and admiration of one another as colleagues and friends creates a magical combination that works very well on camera.

Wagner reflected on their ability to complement one another that isn't that far off from how their characters work together in the fictional storyline. "It feels like life imitates art because you know Josie, Olivia's a calming force for Mick, because the urgency with them now, having to have a wedding in this short period of time and the obstacles they face. And again my tendency is always to drive a scene with a little more energy, a little more intensity, a little bit more urgency so I feed into that very quickly and Josie's quite the opposite. Her scene work is like 'hey, let's just calm down a little while we run this,'" he said with a laugh that she joined in on as well. It's clear these two do truly enjoy working with one another, as evident on their social media accounts.

While the movie itself doesn't exist in the real-world reality which includes planning weddings within ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions, it does have a good message for brides and grooms about rolling with the punches. With every change their clients made, Mick and Olivia also, in turn, have to amend their wedding plans. It makes for a great, fast paced romantic comedy but there's a lesson or two in there as well.

"So many people have had to cancel their weddings and I can't imagine. But yeah, we definitely ran into quite a few obstacles in the movie," Bissett said, and Wagner picked up with, "the core message is it's really all about the love. It boils down to relationship and that's really what I think made this franchise work so well is people really care about these two people."

And as Wagner noted, "this one had the biggest payoff of all the movies, given that we get married." Despite all of the obstacles that pop up, Mick and Olivia do get their fairytale wedding and both actors wanted to note that the ability to pull that off on screen, in the midst of a pandemic, is a true credit to their crew. "I think we gotta recognize production and set design and wardrobe because Josie looked so amazing and the wedding and the flowers and how they shot it, I remember when we were on set we were blown away at how beautiful it was," Wagner said.

If this one film isn't enough of Bissett and Wagner, fear not. Wagner is currently on location filming When Calls the Heart's 9th season and Bissett reunited with two more Melrose Place alums, Laura Leighton Daphne Zuniga, for an episode of Fox's reboot of Fantasy Island. And we wouldn't quite rule out this duo returning to Hallmark Channel sometime in the near future! But for now, be sure to catch Sealed With a Kiss: Wedding March 6, premiering Saturday, August 14.