These Sleep Masks Are the Best Investment for a Good Night’s Rest

These Sleep Masks Are the Best Investment for a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is 100% essential, and one easy and luxurious way to help lull you to sleep with style is by using a brand-new eye mask. They may seem like an add-on (and like, such a Breakfast at Tiffany's-worthy extra step), but the best eye masks can be incredibly beneficial to those who have trouble staying asleep, whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for a restless soul in your life. Quite simply, the best eye masks help to block out light and allow your body to better adjust its circadian rhythm, so that you're not roused or awakened by something that lights up in the middle of the night.

The best eye masks for sleeping fit closely — but not tightly — to the face and effectively block out your surroundings, like a partner scrolling on their brightly lit smartphone, a hallway nightlight, or streetlights shining into your home. Many types of eye masks have a contoured border or dome-shaped eye holes, so even if you open your eyes just a sliver, you won't catch a glimpse of something illuminated and start to wake up.

The Best Eye Masks for Sleeping

What to Consider


There isn’t one sleep mask that’s good for everyone, even if most are one-size-fits-all. Not only do everyone’s preferences differ, but everyone’s skulls also have different circumferences. To ensure your sleep mask fits properly, you don't want it to be too tight, as it can hurt your eyes, or too loose, as it can slip off while you sleep. To avoid sizing issues, measure your head or purchase an adjustable one, such as the Jersey Slumber on Amazon.


Choosing the right sleep mask also depends on its use. If you plan to only wear it at home, any sleep mask should do, but if you expect to take it with you while traveling, a lighter, more compact option, such as the Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask, would likely be better.


Concerned about aging or just want to experience a luxe fabric while you sleep? Opt for a silk eye mask, such as the Best Tested Slip Eye Mask and the DROWSEY Silk Sleep Mask. In our guide to silk pillowcases, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Yoram Harth, M.D., previously told us silk is an ideal fabric for our skin and hair because it reduces facial creases caused by sleeping and prevents hair breakage, dryness, and frizz. And if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, definitely consider investing in a silk eye mask. Harth noted the friction of rubbing your skin against a dirty cotton fabric could damage the outer layer of your skin and make your acne worse, so using a silk option can help prevent this issue.


Standard sleep masks often are light and feathery in weight, but if you're looking for more than just the basics — like a weighted, cooling, or padded mask — the weight will vary depending on your needs. For example, those with light-sensitive eyes will appreciate a thicker or weighted option, like the Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask. If your eyes can be easily irritated, however, a lighter option, like the Sutera Hydroluna Silk Mask, will probably be more comfortable.

How We Chose

The best eye mask for sleeping can keep you blissfully in the dark, in the best way! Don't think of them as a frivolous splurge — they're an investment for your rest and well-being. Holly Golightly and Blair Waldorf sure thought so! Some of our eye mask recommendations are personal favorites of our beauty editor, Nicole Saunders, and testers. Saunders also spent hours researching every single eye mask on reader-favorite online shops, like Amazon and Nordstrom, and narrowed it down to 15 of the best eye masks she'd be willing to spend her money on.

The best part? Beyond collectively earning thousands of 5-star reviews, these picks start at just $15, so you can afford to treat yourself and lucky loved ones to that pair this year.

1) Deep Rest Eye Mask



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We named this no-frill option our best overall eye mask because it provides a lightweight feel and costs just under-$20. Beyond earning thousands of glowing Amazon reviews, Wirecutter also named it the top pick.

The magic is in the construction: Its domed eye holes are ideal for restless sleepers who can't help but open their eyes throughout the night, and it's also helpful for those who really don't like wearing something against their eyelids.

Though many similar products to the Nidra eye mask exist, reviewers note that its adjustable straps are way more comfortable and less itchy against the head and ears than other brands’ masks.

“It really does look like a bra, but I don’t care because it keeps everything dark for my eyes with no pressure on any part of my eye area,” says one 5-star Amazon review.

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2) Cotton Sleep Eye Mask



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So your giftee tried their share of sleep masks, which might include some of the other picks on this list. If they need serious light-blocking, and no other design has seemed to work, order this one.

The Mavogel is a reviewer-favorite sleep mask with a goggle-like, eye-covering design. It's filled with various foam and cotton materials to ensure breathability, contoured comfort, and most importantly, a secure fit that doesn't let light in. Its nosepiece features bendable material to accommodate every face shape.

One reviewer shared that when their husband would turn on his devices at 2 a.m., the light would wake them up until they incorporated this eye mask into their nightly routine.

“With the mask, I don’t even notice he has the Kindle on, and I sleep. It’s really soft [and] the elastic band is just right, firm enough to keep it in place but unnoticeable, not too tight or loose. It feels very natural and comfortable,” says their 5-star Amazon review.

3) Weighted Sleep Mask



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We love Gravity's weighted-blanket technology, so it should come as no surprise their weighted eye mask is naturally a top contender.

Saunders discovered this eye mask during the pandemic when sleeping was an issue for her. “Gravity’s eye mask is one of the best in the game! I was afraid it would feel noticeably heavy on my face, but the added weight was stress-relieving and provided some much-needed spa vibes during an uncertain period. The only downside is this mask isn’t ideal for side sleepers because the beads move around a bit. I found the comfiest sleep position to use this eye mask was laying on my back,” she says.

Filled with glass beads and covered with a micro-fleece and imitation cashmere material, this sleep mask weighs 1 pound and helps apply the same gentle, deep-touch therapeutic pressure to the face that a weighted blanket does to the whole body.

4) Natural Silk Sleep Mask



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Some folks are blessed with the ability to sleep anytime, anywhere, with no problem. They may not need a sleep mask every night, but it’s still nice to have one just in case. This Alaska Bear eye mask for sleeping is the perfect simple, straightforward option for them.

It’s cheap enough to buy in multiples, so you can have one for traveling, guests, and the entire family to grab at a moment’s notice. Plus, it comes in over 10 different colors and patterns, so no one is limited to basic black, either!

One Amazon reviewer loved these eye masks so much that they purchased eight. To quote their 5-star review, “I have been buying these annually since 2016!! I keep three on regular rotation (easy to throw in the laundry). Every time I lose one accidentally, I buy another one, because I cannot sleep without it at this point! (And this is the one sleep mask I have ever liked enough to keep on!) Incredibly soft and comfortable!”

5) Silk Sleep Mask



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Made of the finest Mulberry silk, Saunders considers herself a SLIP brand loyalist who uses their silk pillowcase, turbans, and headbands. "Slip creates high-quality yet reasonably priced silk products. My fellow beauty editors and I love their scrunchies and pillowcases, and the quality of their chic eye mask is no different," she says.

Contributor Taylor Mead is also a big fan of Slip eye masks, and wrote a solo review praising this product. She says, “Having slept with this eye mask on for the better part of a year, I can attest to its comfiness. It’s very pillowy and snug, but not too constricting. And though the brand doesn’t recommend machine-washing, I’ve washed it in a delicates bag and hung it to dry, and it hasn’t impacted the fluffiness or texture in any discernible way.”

6) Hydroluna Silk Eye Mask



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If sporting a 100% silk eye mask isn't enough luxury for your loved one, surprise them with a dual-lined option that blocks out light and is infused with hyaluronic acid.

Wait, what?! Yes, this eye mask is infused with hyaluronic acid, providing a cooling sensation to the face. Lightweight and perfect for warm weather, reviewers swear by this eye mask for improved sleep.

“A great way to get a peaceful sleep. You notice the difference when you wake up, and I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now, and it’s been super beneficial. I can also feel my eyes are healthier because of the components in the mask,” says one 5-star review.

7) Silk Sleep Mask



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Saunders has also used this silk eye mask and considers it the best higher-end gifting option. She says, “The princely price tag is worth it! This is probably the softest silk I’ve touched — incredibly supple and plush, like a cloud. I love its incredibly lightweight feel, and the padded eye mask is helpful for side sleepers because it doesn’t shift around the face.” Saunders adds the additional cushioning helps create a black-out feel to lull them to sleep quicker.

They’ll love that it sports a fully adjustable strap with a velcro closure to accommodate small, medium, and large head sizes. Notably, it’s available in 11 colors, like L’amour Gold and Green Saphire, to match their PJs.

8) Snoozewear Sleep Mask



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Some cheap eye masks are made from synthetic material, but if your giftee prefers natural fabrics, Saunders suggests ordering this eye mask.

She says, “It’s made of soft, stretchy cotton that feels comfy on the face, while the light padding helps blackout the light. It has a contoured shape that puts light pressure on the eyes. Some people may not love it, but I don’t mind the pressure because it helps keep my eyes closed and helps prevent me from watching TikTok videos when I should be sleeping.”

9) Cool Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep


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The Manta sleep mask is an adjustable, near-blackout sleep mask that offers an additional special feature: a cool-to-the-touch feel. No wonder it's amassed more than 12,070 Amazon reviews.

The cooling beads inside of the domed eye holes lend a refreshing sensation as the wearer snuggles into sleep for the night. The beads do not stay cool for hours on end, however — but reviewers still stay that the mask provides an “ice-pack” feeling that really helps with tension headaches and swollen eyes.

“I’m a rough sleeper and have really bad health issues with regulating temperature, and these help me rest a little sounder while keeping me from feeling so hot at night,” says one 5-star Amazon review.

10) Blackout Headband Sleep Mask



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This 3D-contoured sleep mask is designed to block out light while allowing for complete eye movement without slipping off during sleep. The contoured eye cups ensure that there is no pressure on the eyes so you can rest with ease and in complete darkness.

“This mask is more effective at blocking light than any other mask I’ve tried, and the wrap-around on the sides means it is very comfortable on my ears and doesn’t shift as much when I sleep,” says one 5-star review.

Beyond creating a better seal to block out light, online reviewers appreciate that it’s made from soft, stretchy fabric that doesn’t pill, wrinkle, or distort after washing. It’s so soft that one reviewer says it doesn’t irritate their temperamental sensitive skin.

11) IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask



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Migraines can cause a sensitivity to light, and maybe you’re looking for a sleep mask that allows you to rest peacefully while also helping to relieve the symptoms of a headache.

The shape and weight distribution of this mask rest on the pressure points around your eyes, rather than on your actual eye sockets. It also gets the job done when blocking out light since it has a more compressive material. Plus, it can be chilled for additional pain relief!

Don’t believe us? Thousands of online reviewers swear by this eye mask because it’s well-designed with a comfy fabric that doesn’t shift around when they toss and turn at night.

To quote one 5-star Amazon review, “The weight distribution on me hits many of the spots I use to perform acupressure around my eyes. Because of that distribution of weight, I find this is more effective at relieving sinus headache pain and some other types of headache pain.”

12) Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask



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This eye mask is like a weighted blanket for your face. It uses four weighted pods that match up with each eye and temple and are designed to provide light pressure while relieving stress and anxiety during sleep. Each pod is filled with scent-free microbeads, and the outer material is made for dual comfort — one side features cooling jersey cotton, while the other features soft microfiber. We love that the Nodpod comes in eight different colors.

Our tester slept with this eye mask for about a week and noted that while it's not the best option for side sleepers, it provided a calming effect that felt settling while trying to fall asleep. It didn't slide off in the middle of the night either, and it's machine-washable.

13) Sleep Mask with Headphones



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If you travel a lot and want to block out the roar of an airplane while you sleep or prefer to snooze with white noise, consider a sleep mask with headphones built in.

This design is made with memory foam and a silk lining for additional comfort, and wireless headphones are built into the side straps.

They can pair the mask with their phone, and the built-in battery only requires 1 to 2 hours of charge for 10 hours of play. It's the best of both worlds!

“Hands down [my] best purchase of 2023. The sound is great and adjustable, the eye portion allows you to do skincare and not feel like your eyes are being pushed down from the mask or sticking to your face, and the strap allows a comfortable fit that doesn’t come off. I haven’t had any issues with the battery not lasting,” says a night nurse who sleeps near construction zones during the day.

14) The Sleep Mask

Good Side


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Although The Sleep Mask is currently sold out on Good Side’s site, we found it in a beautiful terracotta color on one of our favorite fashion sites: SSense. Given that this model is currently on sale, and it’s sold out elsewhere, we highly suggest purchasing this eye mask sooner rather than later.

This 100% silk sleep mask is lightweight yet effective at blocking out light, while also being hypoallergenic and friendly on sensitive skin. Its thicker elastic band also fits comfortably around your giftee’s head, without slipping and sliding while they snooze.

“As a seasoned eye-mask wearer, I had accepted that they always come off throughout the night, but not Goodside!! I LOVE [that] it stays on all night, is so comfy, and you can tell it’s high quality! Highly recommend,” says one satisfied 5-star review.


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The best sleep masks are ones that fit closely — but not tightly — to the face and block out the surroundings. Check out the best eye masks for sleeping!