Finance Committee Backs $575,000 In Settlements For Two Lawsuits Accusing Police Of Misconduct

Following an unusually lengthy discussion, a key City Council committee on Monday signed off on paying a $175,000 settlement to a West Side family who were victims of police officers raiding the wrong apartment four years ago.

Video Transcript

- $575,000. That's how much Chicago taxpayers will be paying out to settle two lawsuits against Chicago police. 175,000 grand will go to a family whose home was wrongly raided by police back in 2017. Police smashed through the door of Ashanti Franklin's Lawndale home, terrifying her and her family. The warrant had the wrong address.

And $400,000 will go to Pamela Anderson, whose mentally ill son James was shot and killed by police in 2015. Anderson called police, said her son had a box cutter and was having a psychotic episode and needed help. Responding officer shot Anderson five times.

Both settlements must still be approved by the full city council. By the way, we did the math, found the city paid out nearly $28 million in police-related settlements in just the first 10 months of last year.