Finland sees increase in attempts to enter the country from Russia without appropriate documents

In recent months, an exceptionally large number of people without required entry documents have tried to enter Finland through checkpoints on the country's southeastern border.

Source: the Finnish Border Guard, as reported by European Pravda, with reference to Yle, the Finnish Public Service Media Company

Details: A total of 91 undocumented migrants have tried to enter Finland on its eastern border since August. These are third-country nationals who used Russia as a transit country and applied for asylum in Finland.

They did not have the visa they needed to enter the country.

According to the Finnish Border Guard Service, the Russian authorities used to prevent people from entering Finland if they did not have visas. They said that this has changed in the recent months.

The Border Guard Service said that people are trying to enter Finland without the necessary documents on purpose, and speculated that organised international crime networks might be behind this.

At the same time, the number of unauthorised border crossings has not changed dramatically, and the overall situation on the border is calm, said Lieutenant Colonel Jukka Lukkari, Deputy Commander of the Border Guard of Southeastern Finland.


  • Finland’s Border Guard Service banned people travelling from Russia by bicycles from entering Finland at checkpoints in the country’s southeast.

  • Finland also banned the entry of cars with Russian number plates.

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