FINTECH.TV to Create a Caribbean Bureau with ArawakX

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New York, NY --News Direct-- FINTECH.TV

FINTECH.TV, the leading global media technology platform for Digital and Impact Investment content, is creating a Caribbean FINTECH.TV bureau in collaboration with ArawakX Stock Exchange. The media content hub will give viewers access to thought leaders, companies and fintech developments coming out of the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

“The Caribbean region continues to make headlines in the crypto/digital asset space and has proven to be a leader in the sector. This is why so many companies have relocated to the area. The recently held FTX/SALT Crypto Bahamas conference, which we covered on FINTECH.TV, highlights how many companies and stakeholders are operating in the region and whose stories may be of interest to our viewing audience.” said Vincent Molinari, Founder, and CEO of FINTECH.TV. “At the conference, ArawakX was able to collaborate with FINTECH.TV team and land several significant interviews including the Prime Minister of the Bahamas and the Attorney General” says D’Arcy Rahming Jr, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of ArawakX, who was also one of the hosts for FINTECH.TV during the conference.

FINTECH.TV will begin constructing the new studio based at ArawkX with plans to start broadcasting this summer. FINTECH.TV has a studio presence at leading international exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange.

According to D’Arcy Rahming Jr, CTO of ArawakX, “Platforms such as ArawakX will provide the future of investing within the Pan-Caribbean region and FINTECH.TV, the needed media presence, paving the way for the development and revolution of economic diversity and prosperity throughout the region.”

Rahming added, “This is a unique opportunity for the global village to become aware of new investment opportunities through FINTECH.TV and to fund new and innovative companies that provide new solutions to worldwide issues.”

For companies interested in appearing on FINTECH.TV, contact ArawakX at


FINTECH.TV is a global media platform bringing top thought leadership interviews in finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs and ESG. With a studio presence at leading international exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange, FINTECH.TV is distributed globally on their digital and broadcast platform. U.S. and international channels include ETNow India, TimesNow India, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Africa, and CNBC Arabia.

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