Fire Breaks Out At Domino Sugar In Baltimore

A fire was reported at the Domino Sugar facility in Baltimore Tuesday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- --go to Chopper 13 and Captain Cindy Thrift with details. Cindy.

CINDY THRIFT: Vic and Nicole, thank you. So we're currently on scene of this fire that broke out just after 3 o'clock this afternoon. Now, what we're looking at is a structure that is right behind the Domino Sugar factory that is connected to this main facility by a conveyor belt. When we arrived earlier, we did see this conveyor belt that was on fire that was being put out by a marine fire boat from the inner harbor area.

Also, when we had first arrived, we could see flames that were all throughout this structure, including pretty large flames that were coming up from that left and right side of each side of that structure there. Right now, no word on the cause of the fire or if there are any injuries. However, it does look like, right now, the fire is under control.

If you do find yourself in this area, be advised, all of east Key Highway is closed from Key Highway. For now, reporting live from Chopper 13, I'm Captain Cindy Thrift.