Fire Burns in Portland Police Association Office During Protest

A Portland police union building was set on fire during a demonstration on Saturday, July 18, prompting a police response.

Police accused protesters of vandalizing a police vehicle, breaking into a Portland Police Association (PPA) office, and setting it alight.

Local journalist Tuck Woodstock recorded footage showing the interior of the office as a fire burns near the reception area. Police announcements to protesters can also be heard in the background.

Speaking to Storyful, Woodstock said that blaze was started by a few individuals from a protest of approximately 500 people. “The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) responded by firing OC gas indiscriminately and making several arrests seemingly at random,” he said.

Police later said the fire had been extinguished and that they “restored order to the neighborhood.”

Eyewitnesses said that federal police also clashed with protesters near the Justice Center building. Credit: Tuck Woodstock via Storyful

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