Fire Crews Extinguish 3-Alarm Fire At Upland Apartment Complex, At Least 40 Units Damaged

According to the San Bernardino County Fire Department, the blaze started at about 2:45 p.m. in the shared attic space of a two-story apartment building.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news. A fire ripped through an apartment building in the Inland Empire.

- Those flames broke out of the complex on West Seventh Street in Upland. KCAL 9's Nicole Comstock is there live tonight with the very latest, Nicole.

NICOLE COMSTOCK: That's right, Jeff. Lots of people were forced out of their homes tonight in Upland. About 51 apartments had major damage, either fire damage or smoke and water damage. Take a look at the video we have from Sky 9 here, and you can see that the flames pretty much burn their way all the way around this U shaped apartment complex here. Many of those apartments burned beyond repair. This is the Courtyard Apartments on 7th Street in between Mountain in San Antonio and Upland.

Firefighters tell us the fire started here at about 2:45 this afternoon in the attic at the building, and it had a domino effect, burning many of the connected apartments. Firefighters first started looking for anyone trapped inside. Luckily, everyone made it out safely, but we're told some people here who were at work at the time did lose their pets, others broke down in tears when they reunited with their trapped animals who survived but had to be rescued. Take a look.

- She's OK. She's OK. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

DEBRA PEREZ: It went by really fast. It started upstairs in one of the corner apartments, and then it rushed to the middle. And then it just went all the way around to where they were able to stop it.

MIKE MCCLINTOCK: One big attic space really was a challenge for us with the wind. The attic space and the wind became in alignment and really pushed it really quick through there so a lot of damage.

NICOLE COMSTOCK: Well, one firefighter did have to be taken to a hospital with a heat related injury. No cause on this fire yet, but the Red Cross and local schools are helping people find shelter tonight. Reporting live in Upland, I'm Nicole Comstock, "KCAL 9 News".