Fire at FDR Park forces road closures on I-95

I-95 has reopened in both directions following a fire at FDR Park that had all lanes shutdown early Sunday morning in South Philadelphia.

Video Transcript

- On this Sunday morning. And we begin with breaking news. Major traffic trouble on I-95 in South Philadelphia due to a fire overnight.

- The fire happened this morning at FDR park right at the Dirar point bridge. Hours later, this is all still impacting traffic along I-95.

- Action News Jeff Chirico joins us live with more on this breaking news. And Jeff, you've got the very latest. Good morning.

- Hey, good morning, Nidia, you see the skaters are already back out here. The skater right here on a mini halfpipe. The fire took place over here on the halfpipe. You can see some crews out here inspecting the damage.

Part of the half pipe is still there but engineers now in a cherry picker above taking a look at the underbelly of I-95. Skaters out here again starting to play. Put clean up the what was left behind. But as you can see, the investigation now underway.

Just after 9:00 AM, an engineer on a cherry picker began inspecting the underbelly of I-95. It's here a largely wooden half pipe was set on fire sometime before 2:30 AM. Flames shooting so high it torched the steel under the northbound lanes of the interstate. As a precaution, state police shut down lanes in both directions for several hours as crews cleared the debris.

Around 7:30 AM, southbound lanes were reopened. But northbound lanes remain closed between exits 12 and 17. Nearby disappointed skaters arrived to find a mess. They began clearing dozens of pairs of sneakers which had fallen from the rafters.

- it's a shame. The part that had been there since I remember coming here as a kid and skating and now will be back here then still skating. 20 years later and see that guy has got socks. But it's a shame. That doesn't mess anything up with the rest of the park. Hopefully, they don't decide to do anything else with sports and parks and things. It's a monumental park. It's been something that's been around forever and snow throughout the world.

- So back out to live, a sky 6 taking a look at I-95 the situation. Southbound lanes getting through. Northbound lanes continue to be closed down between exits 12 and 17. So if you are planning some travel 95 North, leave some extra time because you are going to hit traffic delays as you are detoured around this section of 95, which is shut down for the foreseeable future. No word from officials when it may reopen or whether they have any idea who may have set fire here overnight. Reporting live in South Philadelphia, Jeff Chirico, Channel 6 Action News.

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