Fire Marshal: Hotel Ritual fire caused by electrical issue

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Jun. 18—The cause of Sunday's fire at Hotel Ritual has been determined as an electrical issue by Jacksonville Fire Marshal.

The Jacksonville fire Department responded to a fire call at approximately 1:06 p.m. Sunday, June 12. The call took them to 540 El Paso St., an address known as Hotel Ritual.

In the days following the fire, an investigation has been made into the area of origin to determine the cause of the blaze. Evidence including fire patterns, witness interviews and firefighter statements, the Jacksonville fire Marshal's Office believes the fire began in the basement of Hotel Ritual due to an electrical issue, according to a statement from the Jacksonville Fire Department.

The department further stated there was no reason to believe the fire was intentionally caused.

The firefighters injured in the course of fighting this fire were reportedly recovering well and expecting full recoveries.

The fire department expressed thanks tot he public for their thoughts and prayers for firefighters and those impacted by the incident.