Fire on United flight sends 4 to hospital after plane forced to land, CA officials say

A United Airlines flight returned to San Diego International Airport after a small fire broke out, sending four people to the hospital, California firefighters reported.

The Boeing 737 landed back at the airport around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7, after a laptop fire, the Federal Aviation Administration told CBS News.

The San Diego Fire Department helped evacuate passengers and crew from the jet, firefighters reported on Twitter. Four people were taken to a hospital.

An exterior battery pack caught fire in the cabin, firefighters said. The flight crew prevented the blaze from spreading.

“Our crew acted quickly to contain the device and medical personnel met the aircraft upon arrival at the gate,” United Airlines said in a statement to KFMB. “We thank our crew for their quick actions in prioritizing the safety of everyone on board the aircraft and we are making arrangements to get our customers to their destinations.”

FlightAware reported the plane was in the air for about 44 minutes, according to the station.

Several ambulances and rescue trucks met the plane, United Flight 2664 to Newark Liberty International Airport, at the gate, KNSD reported.