Fired cyber security official on Trump's claim of voter fraud: 'It's nonsense'

Stephen Proctor

Christopher Krebs, the former director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) who was fired by President Trump for contradicting the president’s claims of voter fraud, appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday where he spoke about the security of the election. Krebs was fired via tweet after CISA issued a statement calling the election the most secure in the history of the U.S.

Krebs stands by that statement, and believes that the multiple recounts have proven it.

“That pretty thoroughly, in my opinion, debunks some of these sensational claims out there that I’ve called nonsense and a hoax,” Krebs said. “That there’s some hacking of these election vendors and their software, and their systems across the country. It’s nonsense.”

Following the interview, Trump posted a tweet refuting Krebs’s claims that the election was secure.

“There was no indication or evidence that there was any sort of hacking or compromise of election systems on, before, or after Nov. 3,” Krebs said, later adding, “there is no foreign power that is flipping votes. There is no domestic actor flipping votes. I did it right. We did it right. This was a secure election.”

While Trump and his legal team allege widespread voter fraud, including attacks on the voting machine software, Krebs pointed out that roughly 95 percent of ballots were cast using paper, providing physical evidence that the election was legit. Krebs also repudiated claims made by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani at a recent press conference where he said that votes were counted in Germany and Spain.

“I don’t understand this claim,” Krebs said. “All votes in the United States of America are counted in the United States of America. Period.”

And Krebs believes the Trump team’s legal maneuvers and wild public statements about the election are more than just nonsense, they’re dangerous.

“It was upsetting because what I saw was an apparent attempt to undermine confidence in the election. To confuse people. To scare people.” Krebs said of the press conference. “What it was actively doing was undermining democracy. And that’s dangerous.”

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