Fired restaurant manager who threw water at customer's face claims she used anti-Asian racial slurs

A restaurant manager in Wisconsin was fired after he was captured on surveillance footage throwing liquid at a customer’s face.

Jason Diong, the former manager of the Crab Du Jour restaurant in Greenfield, told local authorities that he doused the woman with a glass of water because she used anti-Asian racial slurs.

“I throw a glass of water at her,” Diong can be heard saying on police body cam footage. “She just reacted and throw something back to me. I shouldn't have, but I'm really frustrated."

The woman, who was identified as Mariah Luckette, can be seen on surveillance footage throwing a chair back over the bar at Diong after she was doused with water.

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According to Diong, Luckette was “intoxicated” and “making racial remarks.”

He also shared that he has faced customers who attempt to get free food, noting that Luckette and a friend sent back the king crab legs they ordered after claiming they were cold.

Luckette, who spoke with WISN 12 News with a bandage over her right eye, said that the incident happened after she told Diong her food was cold.

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"I was like, 'I don't want it at all at this point,' and he came back and threw that drink in my face," Luckette was quoted as saying.

Luckette claimed the lemon in the drink caused chemical burns to her face.

"It's been very difficult and traumatizing," she added. "I will never go back there ever again."

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Luckette also said that she intends to pursue legal action against Diong and the restaurant. She ultimately wants to see Greenfield's Crab du Jour closed.

Featured Image via WISN 12 News

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