Firefighter Injured While Battling 5-Alarm Fire In West Baltimore

One firefighter was injured while fighting a 5-alarm fire broke out in the Carrollton Ridge neighborhood in West Baltimore Friday afternoon.

Video Transcript


RICK RITTER: Twelve homes go up in flames this afternoon in West Baltimore. Chopper 13 over that scene a couple of hours ago. You see the blaze coming through the roof there. The fire just started before 2 o'clock this afternoon on Fulton Avenue but wasted no time spreading.

Welcome to the News at 5:00, everyone. I'm Rick Ritter.

NICOLE BAKER: And I'm Nicole Baker. Now we also learned tonight that one firefighter was hurt trying to get that fire out.

RICK RITTER: And there's a lot to break down with this developing story tonight, so we want to bring in Kelsey Kushner now, live on the scene with the latest information. Kelsey.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Nicole, Rick, well, here on Fulton Avenue you can see that the scene is still pretty active out here. Looks like firefighters are starting to kind of clean up this area out here. You can definitely see the buildings there that have been charred by the flames. Now fire officials say the call came in just before 2:00 PM for a report of a fire. Firefighters say because of the winds, embers quickly sparked and spread to several homes. And some of those homes those flames were actually going through the roof.

Now there were 12 homes total that were impacted. Two were occupied. One firefighter was injured and transported to a hospital. One neighbor we spoke with says her daughter was home at the time of the fire. She was rescued by firefighters. She says she is shocked at the damage inside.

MICHELLE KING: It's a mess. The roofs are caved down, water damage, soot from the flames. Everything is soaking wet.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Now she says that she is working with the Red Cross to figure out where she plans on staying tonight.

Reporting live, Kelsey Kushner for WJZ.