Firefighters battle strong winds to contain Cape Town Fire

A fire that broke out on Sunday morning in the foothills of South Africa's iconic Table Mountain continued burning on Monday, destroying buildings and forcing evacuations as firefighters struggled against strong winds.

Video Transcript


- Good morning, residents. Good morning, residents. I please urge you to evacuate from your houses. I please urge you to evacuate from your houses.

ARELENE WEHR: The fire's been contained, but that doesn't necessarily mean the fire's out. We're just trying to stop the spread of the fire. So hence, the fire is contained.

And this can change, all depends on the weather, the windy conditions prevailing here in Cape Town.

DAN PLATO: [INAUDIBLE] We've still busy finalizing, establishing the extent of the damage.

It's very difficult to give it so soon after the fire.

Fire inspectors usually do have their own fire investigating team on scene.

And I think that picture will get much, much clearer within the next two, three days.