Firefighters Battle Two-Alarm Fire At North Denver Church

A north Denver church caught fire after daybreak on Thursday and firefighters rushed to try to extinguish it.

Video Transcript

BRITT MORENO: --time now 6:55. And we are getting more detail about this fire. If you've been with us this morning, you know that Copter 4 has been live over this for us. Right now, the fire is in the attic of this church, called the Odom Memorial Church. It's located off 33rd and Williams Street in the Whittier neighborhood.

As the sun is coming up, we're seeing just how hard fire crews are working on this. Apparently, they've been working at it from all angles, including on top, where the fire seems to be burning the heaviest. Right now, no word on what caused it.

- Yeah, Denver has about 18 crews out there. As we were looking into it, it looks like the fire is actually above their Fellowship Hall right there in the church. Hoping that it can be contained to that attic and not spread into the sanctuary or anything like that.

BRITT MORENO: The great news this morning, no injuries to report.

It is a tough morning here in the Whittier neighborhood. We have the Odom Memorial Church that is on fire this morning. So many people have been leaning on the church during this tough time with COVID and the pandemic, and they've been finding strength and peace here at the church. And now, it is disrupted.

As firefighters continue to work this fire, it appears as though it's happening in the attic. We've seen flames pop through the roof and firefighters trying to attack this fire from the rooftop there. Right now, no injuries to report. That is the good news.

- Yes. 18 crews from Denver Fire on scene right now. That could grow as time continues. You can see the firefighters now exiting from the door space. Hopefully, that means they're starting to contain those flames.